Francis Pegler CD 452101 Ceramic Dual Flow Sink Mixer Disc, Looks the business with smooth operation taps

Looks great works perfectly and the tap knobs are very ergonomic.

Looks great works perfectly and the tap knobs are very ergonomic.

Francis Pegler CD 452101 Ceramic Dual Flow Sink Mixer Disc with Tubular Spout

  • Suitable for both High and Low water pressure systems – min 0.1 bar
  • Quarter turn ceramic disc cartridges for easy use
  • Comes complete with flexible tails for easy installation
  • 10 year Manufacturer Warranty

Very stylish tap and a joy to use. . This is a really nice modern looking monobloc mixer which uses ceramic discs instead of traditional washers, and it is a quarter turn tap. Give me ceramic disc taps anyday; i find them very pleasant and easy to use; very on and offable, without the annoying foibles that washer taps can suffer from, such as stiffness, and hot taps which start dripping after they cool down because you didn’t tighten them quite enough. Yes, ceramic discs are prone to damage by grit which would make them drip, and they are expensive to replace, but i have used this type in the bathroom for many years without any problems. This pegler monobloc has got a sturdy main body; the spout is not so sturdily built but it still good quality and rotates easily, the tap has a good chrome style finish. The hot and cold controls are stylish and a joy to use. For a few day after installation it occasionaly dribbled a small amount of water from the spout after each use, but it stopped doing that eventually; must have been some air trapped in it somewhere which worked its way out. The spout lets cold water out through holes around the edge, and hot water comes out through a single whole in the middle. I think this might be because it is designed to work well at low pressures, such as in gravity fed hot water systems with a cistern in the loft, but don’t worry, if you have a combi boiler, it works very well with them too. The tap is not too difficult to install if you already have the correct plumbing – it comes with hot and cold tails which are flexible pipes and have nut fixtures with washers at the end to screw onto washing machine style compression fittings.

Looks the business with smooth operation taps. Well made but slightly smaller than my old mixer. Relatively easy to fix but the tails may not be the type that you want. It comes with the screw connectors rather than olive type. Just make sure you have the right connections before committing to installation. Relatively good flow despite me adding isolating valves.

100% delighted with this pegler tap with it’s smooth quarter turn.

Francis Pegler CD 452101 Ceramic Dual Flow Sink Mixer Disc with Tubular Spout : Top quality british tap with 10 year guarantee representing excellent value for money – highly recommended. Full specification with dimensions obtained from the pegler yorkshire web site which allowed me to ensure compatibility with my kitchen sink & water supplies/connections prior to purchase; a top quality tap and fittings which was both straight forward & a pleasure to install. The completed installation looks stunning, the 1/4 turn taps & spout are very easy & smooth to operate, and much quieter in operation than the monoblock tap that it replaced.